Sunday, October 14, 2012

At My Own Pace

Down Syndrome Creed

Author unknown


My face may be different,

But my feelings the same.

I laugh and I cry,

And I take pride in my gains.

I was sent here among you,

To teach you to love.

As God in the heavens

Looks down from above.

To Him I am no different.

His love knows no bounds.

It's those here among you,

In cities and towns,

That judge me by standards

That man has imparted.

But this family I've chosen

Will help me get started.

For I'm one of the children,

So special and few,

That came here to learn

The same lessons as you.

That is acceptance,

It comes from the heart.

We all have the same purpose,

Though not from the start.

The Lord gave me life,

To live and embrace,

And I'll do it as you do

But at my own pace.

This is still one of my very favorite pieces on Down syndrome.  It  good reminder of what is important in this life.  Everyone that knows Riley is better for it.  We are very fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing people that understand this little fact immediately and completely  Others are much slower to understand.  Part of me wants to point it out to them so they can sit back in amazement like the rest of us as we watch and learn from Riley.  The selfish part of me figures its their loss and I'd be happy to soak up all the love and excitement Riley has to share that others are too quick to over look. 


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