Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!!!

Most of you think of October as breast cancer awareness month and while this is a true statement and breast cancer is a nasty thing and deserves a lot of awareness I choose to blog in October in honor of Riley and Down syndrome awareness month.  So while I think that the pink ribbon is much cuter than the yellow and blue that make up the Down syndrome awareness ribbon my heart belongs to one really cute little man with big brown eyes that sports that extra 21st chromosome.  He and his friends deserve some time in the spotlight while we all acknowledge them and all they do each and every day to brighten our world. 

I will be blogging each of the 31 days in October in honor of the extra copy of the 21st chromosome that makes Riley who he is.  Down syndrome certainly does not define Riley but it does give him just a little something extra.  I won't be writing everyday about Down syndrome but I instead will give you a glimpse into our world and our family and I am hopeful that by the end of the month you will truly see that we are more like your family than we are different. I do like to believe that we laugh more than the average family but I think that is more by choice than a side effect of the chromosome.  Lets face it we are just simply some pretty funny peeps. 

I 'll try to add pictures each day because I'm sure you are more interested in the pictures of my funny boys than any boring thing I could write.  Though my computer is giving me grief so you'll have to enjoy a blast from the past tonight.    Please share any thoughts, comments or questions and I'll do my best to respond to them all. 

Rex 5 and Riley 1
Rex will forever be Riley's protector!


  1. Mary,
    Love hearing about the adventures of your crew! Sending you even more blessings this month as you bring awareness to Down Syndrome
    Stacy York

  2. The Florida crew looks foreward to reading about 2 of the best grandkids anyone could have! Mary, don't think we don't look foreward to your writing, because you have a gift for it. Not that we don't want those pics and videos! We're getting a cord to hook the computer to the tv so it'll be easier for Great Gramma Elsie to see.
    Gramma Debbie Debbie

  3. Hi,
    I write articles for, a website that offers parenting advice and relationship advice. I would love to write an article about Down Syndrome Awareness month and link your blog. Would you be up for that? Thanks!


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