Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Football

Our Saturdays typically involve watching Rex play some sort of game.  This fall its flag football in the morning with his  school team and the afternoon is his Grid Kids YMCA tackle team.  This makes for one happy but tired 10 year old boy.  Rex loves playing football!  Riley loves playing with his teammates little sisters.  Its a win win situation. 

Yes Coach

Lets go boys!
His flag team is having a great season.  Rex plays on the line...  I know surprise surprise.  Today one of the boys he played against came up to him after the game and asked him why Rex pushed his down.  Rex looked at him and said "we were playing football".  The kid was quick to point out that it wasn't tackle - to that comment Rex just shrugged his shoulders.   I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want Rex pushing on me but I think Rex summed it up pretty well.  

Possibly we need to add some little boys to Riley's list of friends... today it was barbies with his girls
 Riley loves playing with all the little sisters.  They are some of his best friends and he is always excited to see them.  They are all so cute playing together.  Good thing they all get a long so well because they have to sit through a ton of games waiting for their big brothers. 

Game Face...  Funny boy had a hard time not smiling
 Rex plays the line on his tackle team as well.  They aren't having quite as good of a season but he is having a ton of fun.  He is a sweaty stinky mess after games and practice and always excited to go so its a success. 

Go # 62


  1. Rex sure is built for football! Grampa Tom and I wish we could watch him play!! Enjoy your time watching him. the years go by all too quickly.

    Gramma Debbie

  2. Playing with dolls like they are real is a good skill I guess. That is a thing Beau got marked down on when preparing for his IEP. Should of heard Kyle's comment :) Riley needs to teach Beau!! Love Rex's comment to the other kid!


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