Monday, October 15, 2012

Did you see a Caveman?

Operation Make Riley Listen is in full force at the Kibbe house.  This issue has nothing to do with Riley's mild hearing loss and everything to do with being a sassy almost 6 year old.  Riley is having trouble lining up from recess and staying on task during school when he is away from his typical classroom teacher.  This makes recess, music and PE challenging. 

I've been reaching out to all my great resources for ideas.  I am continually reminded of just how blessed we are and how many people Riley has touched.  Riley has an army of people cheering for him, praying for our family and encouraging us all on a daily basis. 

I have received some great ideas and will meet with his school principal and teacher tomorrow to strategize on the best way to make him successful.  I am sure we'll get this figured out but I'm hoping it is before I have an entire head of gray hair.  Who know recess could be so stinking stressful???  Please please send me any other ideas that you have.  I figure that if I get enough suggestions one will have to be the magic solution.  Hey a mom has to dream right?

Operation Make Riley Listen makes for interesting dinner time conversation.  We have been talking and talking with Riley about how he needs to listen and make good choices at school.  We were talking through today's recess where he wouldn't line up and what the teacher did and how he should have lined up. Riley was answering and telling us what we wanted to hear.  Justin wasn't buying the story Riley was giving us so he asked Riley if he saw an elephant at school?  Riley -  Yup

So of course Rex had to get in on the action so he asked-

Did you eat a squirrel for lunch? 

Riley-  Ya

Did an alien land on the playground?

Riley-  Ya

Did you see a caveman?  No Caden. 

Good to know he does listen to some of our questions.  He actually did talk to Caden after school. 

Rex and Riley 2010



  1. Mary, I never taught kinder so this may or may not work. You might enlist the class to help with positive feedback. They could clap if Riley follows certain steps. Like lining up right away. You have to pick maybe 2 behaviors to work on. Too many and he won't be successful. I know you'll find the key. As for the grey hair, you're not alone I raised Justin and Trent and look at my hair!

  2. I at some conference I was at this line up issue was mentioned. They gave a couple of of which was a line up buddy. The teacher tells the buddy a couple of minutes before time is up and the buddy goes and gets Riley and they line up together. Another one I can remember was giving Riley a timer, and have it set to go off a minute before the whistle is blown (or however they tell them to come in.) Who knows : )


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