Monday, October 8, 2012

Evening Giggles

We try to sit down for dinner as a family every night.  It might only be over a bowl of cold cereal after a late evening of running around but we typically get there eventually.  Riley typically reminds us its time to pray.  Some nights we have to pray a few times before the meal is over but I figure a few extra prayers will never hurt us. 

 Before you think my boys are too sweet the next  video shows how the meal progresses.  I'm sure Rex will be embarrassed that I shared this video but I figure a I have a few years I can still get a way with embarrassing him before I truly scare him for life.  Living with all boys is often gross and smelly but its sure good for a laugh. 

Not exactly sure when his shirt got wet but he announced that it was as he was stripping it off.  I guess I'm glad it was only his shirt.  We all know he's not afraid to bare it all.  If you've forgotten you can ask anyone sitting in the stands at Rex's football game a few weeks ago.  Riley thought nothing of stripping down to his boxers in from the the crowd.  Thankfully they were cute little football boxer briefs.  He had spilt his glass of water and he wasn't about to sit around in wet pants.  He simply announces "my pants wet" and strips them off.    Gotta love him!


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  1. Welcome to the club, Mary. I always wondered what it would be like to raise a girl. However my mom says I used to eat sand, so you might not be better off!

    Gramma Debbie


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