Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Riley Show

Riley can work a room like no one else I know.  Today was a prime example of this.  We were out at my parents house for a gathering and these are people I don't see very often so I know Riley doesn't know them.  They were all from my parents church so it was a nice warm crowd but still a group that he doesn't see more than a few times a year when we go to church with my parents. 

We arrived early to hang out with my parents for a bit before the crowd arrived so Riley was nice and settled by the time the party started. The first of the guests arrived and Riley runs to the kitchen and gives this women a huge hug.  Then runs over to her husband and gives him a hug too.  This patterns continues as more people arrive.  At one point he heard someone say hi to a women so he yells HI CHRIS and gave her huge hug too.  It was hysterical to watch the reaction of people.  They are always a little surprised when Riley is so quick to give a hug but it brings a smile to every one's face.

Riley and Rex couldn't be more opposite in this area.  Rex stayed in the kitchen away from the crowd most of the day.  Less chance of an adult talking to him that way.  He is much better these days about talking back when someone talks to him but its painful to watch.  He is so shy around new people it hurts.  I always wonder what he is thinking about Riley as he's running around hugging strangers and Rex is trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. 

I feel Rex's pain.  Working a room of people is not my comfort zone.  I'd much rather slide into the background.  I envy Riley and his ability to walk up to anyone and give them a big squeeze and totally make their day.  Hugs and smiles do make things better! 

Ella is still one of Riley favorite people to hug.  Thankfully Kacey takes pictures so I can steal them.

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  1. I love it!! Riley is definetely a lover, that is for sure!!! I am much more like Rex too...unfortunately for us our littlest kids bring SO much attention : )


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