Friday, October 7, 2011

The boys had a completely fun summer with our sitter Kristie.  Today we are missing our Kristie!  She left for School about a month ago and the boys have done really really well with the transition to a typical daycare instead of having someone come to the house.  Randomly Riley started asking for Kristie this week and even more randomly Kristie sent me a message to let me know she'll be in town this weekend and wants to stop by.  Those two have a connection! 

The boys were busy swimming, playing, picnicking and all around having a ton of fun all summer.  We wanted to make sure they had some activities so at the beginning of the summer we purchased season passes to Riverfront Park.  It is a park in downtown Spokane that has mini golf, a handful of rides and an IMAX theatre.  The first movie they saw was about Dinosaurs.  When I asked Riley about his day he simply said  DINO ROAR!!!  Apparently the movie was a little loud. 

When I was going through me email I found this little video that Kristie had taken during a golf outing.  Just tilt your head a bit...  I don't now how to fix it.

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  1. "Just tilt your head a bit..." Seriously, that gave me a great laugh. I love you Mary. ( :


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