Sunday, October 9, 2011

Financial Peace

We were by not stretch a set of financial wizards before Riley was born but I have to say he adds some financial stress to our world.  We hang out in this middle ground where we have pretty good jobs with pretty good health insurance that we stress to the maximum.  We don't qualify for any assistance and in WA there doesn't seem to be anyone in recent history that has qualified with the medicaid waiver only those with older children that hang on to that jewel.  Don't get many wrong we have many blessings in our lives including a house and enough square meals to make us all round.  We do fine but we could certainly do better. 

As a means to that end Justin and I have started taking a class through our church called Financial peace by Dave Ramsey. is where you can check him out.  We are headed to our third class tonight and it is all about cash flow planning.  Should be fun!  They also cover some great ways to help teach our children about the value of work and money as well.  I'm not a huge fans of a Sunday evening class but I'm glad we have committed to do this together.  We are certainly moving in the right direction together. 

Knowing that someday Riley won't have us here to take care of him means its even more important that we get all of this taken care of now so we can leave him in the best shape financially possible.

So for those of you who are familiar with this program/process we are working on Baby Step #1.  Wish us luck. 

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  1. I'm not familiar with the program, but I wish you both much luck! Bryan and I have grown up together in pretty much every aspect, and finances is yet another example of that. We've made some serious missteps, but finally we're growing a clue. ( : Good for you guys for taking steps for your present and future now.


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