Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Mumbers

Pop on over and say hi to Kia the Good Enough Mama and possibly the funniest blog you'll ever read and then steal the button and join in the Mumbers fun.

640 the approximate number of skeletal muscles within the typical human according to wikipedia

640 the number of above mentioned muscles that hurt on my body today

1 the number of softball practises that I have attend for the new team the my friend Kacey convinced me to join with her

2.5 the number of hours that practise lasted

1 ACL reconstruction surgery that took place to repair my right knee after a basketball injury my senior year in high school

1994 the year I graduated from highschool

16 years since I last played softball

85 percent range of motion in that right knee after all the muscles have been abused and tighted up in protest of not being used on a regular basis

0 the amount of exercise that I get on a regular basis that doesn't involve chasing one of my children around

100% - how proud of myself I am for completing yesterday's practise and not quitting the team after getting out of bed this morning and having all of my muscles hurt

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  1. I am oh so very proud of you too!!! It's fun, I can't wait till this Sunday!


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