Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Mumbers

19 days since I last posted. Yes I know I'm a blogging loser.

70 degrees it reached today it SpoVegas

200 dollars I raised at my Pamper Your Piggy Party on Friday. What a great reason to sit around with girlfriends drinking, eating gossiping and soaking your feet. All that in the name of raising money for Cancer Research. If you don't know about the Relay for Life you should check it out. - just so happens they sign my paycheck too

60 minutes spent outside after dinner enjoying the sunshine and playing with the boys

2 the size of Rex's new soccer cleats - the pair that rubbed his feet raw at the game this weekend were a 13. Oops I won't win mother of the year on that one. Good thing he can wear soccer cleats for baseball too.

918374 the number of amazing things Riley has done lately. He tried to climb out of his crib - leg over the edge and other leg off the mattress when dad found him. He is now in a toddler bed and actually stays in it during the night. He has learned to take his own shirt off, and is eating with a fork 90% of the time. And the best was when Rex and I were outside yesterday kicking the soccer ball around. I purposely didn't put shoes on Riley hoping he would stay on the steps and not try to venture out on the grass. So when I sat down next to him he starts saying please please and then he signs help shoes. He was totally telling me with multiple signs that he needed his shoes on. I can't believe how often he is actually stringing words or signs together to tell us things.

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  1. AWWW!! Go Riley! I've done that with the shoes before...gone to get them check and had them need 2 sizes bigger!! Glad to see your post...I was worried! :)


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