Monday, April 27, 2009

Soccer Soccer Soccer

Soccer is the game of choice for Rex. He started playing on a U6 team in the fall that my niece Krystal and her friend decided to coach for their senior project. He has loved every minute of it. These are pictures from this last Saturday's game. He has such a look of concentration and determination I love it. Gramma and Aunt Libby even came to cheer him on this weekend. Aunt Libby even sang her soccer cheer O Lay OLay............ when he scored a goal. His team has so much fun. All the kids have a great time and are just really nice kids. We got so lucky with this team and have enjoyed meeting the kids and their parents. We don't have any over competitive parents that are living their dreams through the kids unlike some of the other teams we have played. Though we do have some very athletic kids that are pretty competitive themselves. It is a great mix. We have all gotten along so well that one of the dads will be coaching the tball team that Rex and most of the other kids will be playing on after soccer is over.


  1. Mike being a coach for different sport teams before, I can appreciate what you are saying about a team being made up of nice kids with nice parents. It always makes the game more fun when that's exactly what everyone is doing...having fun!!

  2. We love soccer over here in Sylvania!! I'm so glad you are having a good experience.


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