Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Official Birthday Sponsor

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Creating a world with more birthdays
To most people, birthdays are just a reminder that they're getting older. But at the American Cancer Society, "Happy Birthday" is a victory song, because a world with less cancer is a world with more birthdays. And that's definitely something to celebrate.

More than 11 million Americans who have survived cancer—and countless others who have avoided it—will celebrate a birthday this year, thanks to the progress we're making together to help people stay well and get well, to find cures, and fight back.

Join the movement for more birthdays—declare the American Cancer Society the official sponsor of your birthday—and together we can save lives and give people more candles to light.

This is a new National Campaign for the American Cancer Society. Down syndrome is not the only health issue that hits close to home. I have had all to many family members, friends and coworkers lose the fight to this horrible disease. Take a minute and check out the information. If you or someone you love is fighting cancer know you can always turn to www.cancer.org for creditable information.

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