Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hurricane Riley

Riley has been doing so many great things lately. It is amazing to me to see him grow each day. Tonight we dropped Rex and Justin off at soccer practise and Riley and I took off to to run some errands. I pulled through McDonald's for a sweet tea, which is currently my new addiction thanks to Kacey, so Riley decides he want a drink. He is in the back saying please, please, please. When I ask him what he wants he signs drink. Then I say to him, Riley do you want a drink and he simply replies YES. I told him that we'd have to wait until we got to the store and he says K. I LOVE that he is starting to really communicate with us. He really understand a lot and if you ask enough questions and know the context of his words and signs he can really tell you a lot. I'm hoping that some day soon everyone will be able to understand him.

I need to get a video of him signing Wheels on the Bus. It is hysterical to watch him sign most of the verses, but the baby on the bus is the best. It drives me nut to watch him at school during circle time because I know he can do all the signs but he gets so excited watching the other kids and the teacher that he just watches and does a few signs.

A year ago at this time we took this picture of the boys together. Wow how they have both grown!!!


  1. Our children look like zombies, Nice. And you are oh so welcome for the sweet tea addiction : )

  2. How fun it is when a child begins to learn how to communicate it. It just opens a whole different world!

    I laughed over Kacey's commented about the kids looking like zombies. Haha.

  3. Olivia always freezes around others b/c she's having too much fun watching them! :) Hooray for Riley!!

  4. Signing is great isn't it!!! I'm glad he's doing so well!!yay for you guys!!

  5. The kids look gorgeous! I'd LOVE to see a video of R signing WOTB. :)

  6. When are those two getting hitched?!

  7. Jeez I should learn to say everything I need to say in 1! Comment box!

    Is sweet tea like Sweetened Iced tea? In Canada we don't have sweet tea we just have iced tea.. and its already sweet. I remember going to Disneyland when I was about 16 and ordering an iced tea and being so disappointed cause it was unsweetened and it was weird!

    And how old is Riley now? He's so damn cute!


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