Friday, May 1, 2009

Rex's big day.

Rex had a big day today. It started early when Gramma picked him up and they headed off to Grandparents Day at school. They had breakfast and then went to mass. It was quite a to do since the Bishop said mass. After mass the kids had a special performance for their guests and sang Yankee Doodle and another song that Rex said was hard but couldn't or wouldn't tell me the name. Gramma reports that it was a great morning. Rex's version tells me they had fun but they had green milk for breakfast and it tasted funny.

Riley was not as excited that Gramma and Bubba were leaving him behind. He gets very sad when he gets left behind. He loves to be outside. It is so easy to get him out the door in them morning when you tell him it is time to go bye bye he gets his coat and brings it over and is all ready to roll.

After he got home from school he was sitting around wiggling his loose tooth and then decided it was coming out. So he proceeded to pull his top front tooth. I love the toothless grin. It cracks me up that Rex just lost the same tooth that we were so excited finally broke through for Riley. My little snagle tooth is growing up. He finally has all four front tooth. It only tooth 2 1/2 years to do it.

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