Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

After the boys bath tonight we put Signing Times on for Riley. It is still about the only show he likes to watch and it buys us a few minutes of knowing exactly where he is. He hears the theme song come on and he gets all excited and starts signing along. Well tonight as Justin and I watched him we were both totally amazed. He was signing things when they showed the object but before the demonstrated the sign. Really random signs like bread. We certainly have spent time getting him to sign bread. I think the only place he sees it is on the video. So he continued to sign along with the video so Rex and I started making a list of all of the signs he knows......we are up to 41 so far. That seems like so many. Back in November I posted about how much his vocabulary was developing so I went back to that post to check and he had 14 signs on November 12th. Seems like a lot progress to me in a little over 5 months.

If you haven't checkout Signing Times you really should. They are fun videos that both of my boys love. Justin's family bought Riley a huge set of videos and cd's for his birthday and he absolutely loves them. It amazes me how many signs he knows just from watching the videos.


  1. The title to this post cracked me up!

    I agree with you, that does seem like a lot! I am impressed!!

  2. That's great progress!!! We LOVE signing time!!


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