Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spokane Guild School

Riley goes to school at the Spokane Guild School. It is an amazing place and we have been very fortunate that Riley has been able to received all of his therapies there. He started back when he was 10 weeks old and this last September he moved into a toddler group where he attends twice a week. They not only have circle time and snack time like a regular preschool but he is also able to receive his PT, OT and Speech therapies. The most amazing part of this school is that it is a nonprofit and is able to help families that would not be able to afford treatment any other way. They work with each family to make sure that you can comfortably afford the co pays and other therapy cost. I know our insurance runs out after just 40 visits so to be able to find a payment that our family can afford is huge. This evening our family was invited to join a group of donors to for a reception to say thank you. They like to have a family of a current student so the donors and board members can really see how the school impacts a real family. Riley did a great job of performing and making everyone laugh. He even shared a little Wheels on the Bus with everyone. Riley loves to talk to everyone and has no fear of strangers so he was right in his element tonight. When I wouldn't let him have a cookie he even laid down on the floor to pout. I think he showed everyone that he is a total two year old.

Before we left I was able to catch a couple pictures of the kids. They weren't totally interested in having their picture taken but I tried.

You can find more information about the Spokane Guild School at


  1. It sounds like a nice evening. Any time Riley gets center stage he is a happy camper. Were there lots of kids there? gramma

  2. Seriously, i just love him & his "Wheels on the Bus," & I LOVE that he was up to performing on such an evening! ( :


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