Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rex or Riley?

I thought it was time to take a trip back through the baby pictures. Both boys started out arriving early, Rex 2 weeks and Riley 4 weeks, by c-section. Not that I was aware since they were busy closing me up but but both boys started out in the NICU under the oxygen. Riley stayed 2 weeks while Rex only a few hours but the pictures do tell a similar story. They both plumped up nicely and added some good rolls. While they have hit their milestones at their own pace they are both stubborn and loud. Rex used to point his finger at you and in this great animated way he would tell you baby stories. Riley doesn't point like the little dictator that Rex was but he still has that hysterically dramatic and loud voice. Do you think my boys will ever have an inside voice?

Rex Thomas August 22, 2002
Riley William November 30, 2006



Riley and his Chey Chey

Riley and Grampa



Rex Thomas just before he turned two.

Riley William just before 2


  1. They look more alike than I realized. Greg and Darren did too. I love the last video and the belly slapper. King Kong has nothing on him. Gramma


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