Saturday, November 8, 2008

Before I was Interrupted

The other evening before I was interrupted by Riley gasping for air I had a funny story I was planning on sharing.

Rex has turned into quite the story teller. He just goes on and on and on. I guess he really lives up to his name sake in that department. His Great Grampa Rex could tell a story with the best of them and always had a twinkle in his eye while doing it.

Well, a few day a go I got a message from Christina that Rex was telling her all about how while Justin and I were sleeping he would get up in the middle of the night and play on the Internet. So as we were sitting here this morning I asked him about it and he say with a total straight face "oh ya I do mom. I get on a play games like Ninja turtles and Power Rangers." So when I asked him how he knew how to get on the Internet he says "well I don't know I just turned in on and it said .com and I just started playing games." He says it with such a straight face that you almost start to believe him. That is until you realize that the only computer upstairs that he could have access too is mine and it is password protected. Otherwise he would have to go to the basement and I know he would never do that by himself when it was dark.

He has always been a story teller but they have gotten more real as he has gotten older. When he was almost 3 he would talk about how he couldn't sleep in his bed because the monsters would wake him up. Mom "THERE WERE ITY BITTY MONSTERS WITH BIG BLACK EYES AND THEY PULL MY HAIR" that was a good excuse for waking up to get in my bed. It is one of my all time favs of his. He always said it with such conviction and intensity.

Seriously were do kids get these things.

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  1. Oh yes, your son and his fabulous stories!! Apparently when you guys were here the day you were helping us move there was a little girl riding her bike in the cul-de-sac, well Rex told Hunter that she had a really long tongue and would get you with it and knock your head off. Pretty funny really, as long as Hunter doesn't run screaming from her anytime she is around : ) Rex cracks me up!


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