Friday, November 7, 2008

Holy Cow What a Night

Let me begin by saying Riley is fine. That should keep the Gramma's stress level down. Other than the fact that it is now 1am and he crusing around the living room and pushing all the buttons on the loudest toys.

We have had the germs at our house. Riley has had several cold/sinus infections and now Rex has it. I have been home a couple of days this week with a nasty sinus infection so it didn't surprise me when Justin said he was feeling nasty and went to bed when I arrived home at 5:30. The boys and I had a simple evening playing and hanging out. Gourmet scambled eggs for dinner and off to bed for both by 7:30. It was great. Justin got up long enough to take some sinues medication and was back to bed. How fun an evening to myself and full control of the remote control. Around nine I was getting ready to dose off while cuddled in my nest on the couch. That is when the fun begins. Justin and I were both startled awake by the sound of Riley coughing and gasping for air. We made it down the hall in record time and Riley is making this terrible barking noise and obviously isn't breathing well. So I immediatley go in to asthma mode and grab the nebulizer and my husband panics as usual. Well after few minutes I too am paniced and Riley still isn't breathing well. Justin calls 911 and in less than 5 minutes there are aproximatley 15 fireman and peremedics in my living room. The first fireman in hears Riley and says "croup" and then starts grilling me about the albuterol I'm still waving in Riley's face. The peramedics take his pulse and it is elevated but not terrible and listen to him and he is wheezy. Big surprise the kid can't breathe. His coughing has settled and Riley is calming down so they give us the option of them taking him or us. Well I decide I can take him and Justin can stay home with Rex. Rex sleeps through the entire thing. Boy will he be dissapointed that he missed all those fireman and the trucks out front. I sure hope that the neighbors were already in bed. We probaly gave them a heart attack. So we arrive at the hospital safely and are sent right in. Note to self if you need to be seen asap in the ER tell them your two year old is not breathing well and the firman said it was croup. They take you right back. One of the nurses was a mom of two of the kids on Rex's tball team. That was a nice reassuring face to see. So we see the Dr and he goes through the drill with croup and since Riley has calmed down he doesn't give him the epineferin but doesn't give him the other medicine that will actually treat the issue. I've never heard the croup cough before but hold cow that is sound I will never forget. So do you think it is the albuterol or the apple juice that has Riley playing and practising his walking at 12:30 am. Possibly it is the fact that I won't let him sleep in his crib and I have made a sort of nest for him in the living room so I can listen to him breath all night.

I do have to share that one of girls who I thought was a nurse at the time but must not have been was helping to get the admitting paperwork in and when she asked about any medical issues and I said well, he does have trisomy 21 she says thats Downs right. Then she says wow he sure looks good for being downs. Seriously what the heck does that mean. Yes, he is an adorable kid but really how should he look for being downs. Oh well I was distracted with his breathing and didn't have too much time to think about what she was saying.

I guess Riley thought I was getting to relaxed or something. He needed to spruce it up around here alittle. So with that I'm going to try to get the little monster to sleep get some sleep myself. My blood pressure and heart rate will return to normal at some point. UGH


  1. We are seriously living each other's lives!! This has happened to me several times with my youngest, Matthew...we have called 9-1-1 and had to do CPR!! God is it scary. I'm so glad Riley is ok. Are you ok??? I bet you won't sleep soundly for a while...that was when I started on Ambien for a while! :)

    And gotta love the way the albuterol gets them all hepped up! Have you tried xopinex? That doesn't seem to get Matthew as hyper.

    Hope you feel better today and have a much calmer day today!

  2. I'm so glad that R is ok. What a scare, though. Get better soon - ALL of you!


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