Monday, November 24, 2008

Hee Hee I found some puter time

Well I didn't title it my husband is a giant poo poo head like I thought I might but still you get the point. I haven't had time to blog lately because evidently as my dear dear hubby has pointed out several times in the last few weeks I spend too much time on the computer and not enough with my family. Evidently, when the kids are in bed and he is watching a TV show that I don't care for I should still be available to have deep conversation about the tattoo that they just completed on LA Ink or the latest myth they have busted on Myth Busters. Well enough whining about my husbands PMS I'll move onto all the things I should have been sharing the last few weeks.

On Friday oh dear husband granted me permisison to go out with a few girlfriends for a moms night out. Well it was actually Chis, Kacey's husband that made it happen. Good thing he is trying to win brownie points with Kacey and talked my husband into letting us escape while the dads watched the kids. Kacey and I met my good friend Rebeca and her friend Roxanne downtown at Twiggs. It is a wonderful martini bar with yummy food. It was so fun to get out with out husbands and kids and have a chance to visit with other moms that are going through similar things with kids. We each have our little quirks and freak out points. It did amaze me how similar we are in our relationships with our husbands and kiddos. I'm sure we freaked out anyone that had the nerve to eavesdrop on our conversation. I guess that serves them right.

As I talk to my friends and read other's blogs it has become obvious that that we all have moments of clarity and moments of doubt and guilt about our parenting abilities. It appears that we all thing that we have it better than the other and the other families situation is worse or more difficult. Rebecca swears that she survived all of Elliots serious health conditions and surgeries becuase she was a first time mom and didn't know better. I on the other hand think she is amazing and possibly the strongest person I've ever met. Is it possible that we are both right? Do we cling to what ever bit of reason we can to make our lives seem survivable? I do think that the friends I have made since Riley's arrival have been some of the most amazing of my life. Rebecca is so smart and caring. Until this weekend I thought she was as solid as a rock. It was a relief to see that she too has doubts and freak outs just like the rest of us. I'm sure she always has but I'm just now getting to see them. I'm glad that she has been able to open up and share more. I may not completely understand what she has to deal with but I can listen with the best of them :-) Kacey is almost as open and blunt as I am, though it seems that at dinner I hands down won the most amazingly blunt statement award. Kacey has become one of my closest friends that I share so much with. I'm so glad that she hated Texas and moved this way. It has been wonderful to have a family with so many things in common. Our hubby's can commiserate with each others and our kids have a wonderful time together. Thankfully Kacey still lets Hunter play with Rex even though he teaches him all sorts of nasty little boy things. 4 year old potty humour is the worst. Well, maybe only to be beaten by 6 yr old potty humour. Ella and Riley have been playing so cute together. On Friday at school while they were sitting on the bench waiting to wash hands Riley just leans over and lays a big smooch on her and then they go back to reading their books like its no big deal. Then later at lunch Ella proceeds to start feeding Riley. When she dropped something in his highchair and leans down to look for it Riley leans in a stars rubbing her head. It was the sweetest thing ever!

Well enough rambling from me. I promise there will be more pictures soon. We have added a fish tank to our living room and Riley loves it. I have been trying to get some video of him talking to the fish. It is hysterical.


  1. I love your post today! Very reflective and's always nice to really get to know someone...b/c then we all find out that we all have our own crosses to bear!! I think your comments about your husband and his T.V. are hilarious---mine doesn't understand why I don't love Antiques Roadshow as much as he does!!

    I hope you have a good day...I hope it was a little fun to be tagged!

  2. do I dare ask what the blunt comment was?

  3. Okay, I'm cracking up just remembering some of the events from Friday night. That was so fun, we definetly need to make it a regular event!! I too think Rebecca is SO amazing!!!

    It is so nice to have friends that are going through the same stuff, apparently even the same stuff with the hubbys! I am so incredibly thankful that we are friends and that our whole family gets along!!

    You still should have titled this my husband is a poo head : )

  4. Don't give me to much credit! We need to make child/kidless dinner a regular event. Maybe coordinate it around the mens time of the month :)
    I am glad you are posting again. I was going through blog withdrawl! I may have to start one of my own.

  5. I don't think people open up enough about what's really going on in their lives; when they do, you just realize that everyone has the same (or at least similar) problems. Relationships can be so hard sometimes but they are seriously worth it, right? : ) When Danny finally gets here (and maybe a few months later!) we need to have a Mommy's night out to Twigs. I love their martini's. Yumm-o!


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