Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cold Season

I thought it was supposed to be the short guys I live with that bring home the germs. Somehow I cooked these germs up all on my own and my oh my are they kicking my toushy. I think if it was actually possible for your sinus to blow up and explode out the front of your face my were trying to do that last night. I hope the short guys don't get this round. Just think it is only November and we have already passed this cold around the house twice and Riley has had it himself at least three times. Seriously how long until summer???

Oh the Riley report he is starting to walk more eveyday. Christina tells me that he put on quite a performance today at school. I guess Ella snubbed him a bit too. Poor guy was moving in for a kiss and she just turns her head. Ella you just wait until Riley can chase after will be a whole other story then.


  1. Ha ha. I love hearing Ella-Riley stories!!

  2. Yeah, you should have seen him, Christina and I looked at eachother with our mouths hanging open!! He took a lot of steps and even turned a bit. I don't think Ella was really snubbing him, I had just gotten on to her cause she tried to hug him and about knocked him over. Although she is quite naughty these days, hitting and biting, so if I were Riley I would steer clear of that crazy girl!!!

  3. I'm so sorry you're sick...Matthew's been battling an upper respiratory infection for over 2 weeks's not even winter yet!!

    I love the Ella-Riley story!!


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