Monday, October 12, 2015

The Road to Independence

Reading is a skill that opens up the world.  You have to be able to read to be independent.  To read directions on school work, to read a recipe, to read a public transportation schedule or information a Dr office might give you.   Not to mention the amazing places reading a book for the sheer joy of reading can take you. 

I have always been especially excited, proud and simply relieved that Riley has progressed so well with his reading.  Riley loves books.  He spends a lot of time looking at pictures even when he can read the words.  His imagination is amazing and the pictures continue to help him fill in the blanks and the comprehension pieces that he is still working on.

A friend once told me that our kids had to master reading at a 4th grade level to be independent.  I have gone back to that fact over and over.  We are going to make it.  It won't be in the 4th grade but we'll get there before he graduates. 

Tonight he is sharing a few pages of Moose's Loose Tooth by Jacqueline Clarke.  He speech therapist will be please that he picked a book that helps to work on the TH sounds.  It is one of his current focuses in speech. 

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