Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Best of Friends!

 We have joked for years about Riley and Ella having an arranged marriage.  Have no fear the wedding is still on.    Kacey keeps telling me that I have to keep Ella through the teen years before she'll let the sweet couple live with her after the wedding.  I'm not so sure this house can handle a teenage girls so I am still negotiating that deal. 

These two highly spirited and hysterically funny kids have the purest most honest friendship ever.  Ella and Riley both live life full speed ahead.  They don't know how to sensor their emotions like adults do so what you get is exactly what they are feeling.  Thankfully now it is a whole lotta love.  There is usually lots of excited voices, jumping around and big hugs when they first see each other.   Since they have lots of interests in common like singing, dancing and showing off they have lots of things to play but they are certainly not afraid to let the other know if they aren't interested or if the other isn't playing "correctly".  

 Everyone should have a friendship this honest and fabulous!

And just because they are too cute here are a few through the years. 

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