Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend comes to a close

As this Thanksgiving weekend winds down I feel my anxiety for tomorrow winding up.  Riley has officially graduated from his birth to three program and will be starting big boy preschool at Sheridan Elementary school.  For those of you not familiar with how all of this works once a child turns three the public school system takes over the preschool and therapies for developmentally delayed children like Riley.  I think the preschool part of all of this is great.  We have met his teacher and I like her.  At least I got good vibes from her and she was open and willing to talk through any of our questions so I take that as a good sign.  I worry a bit about the therapy part.  He doesn't get much through the school system so we will be supplementing with private therapy.  I worry about getting the right combination and not going over board but still making sure we give Ri the best start.  We are taking December off since he just graduated and our we are out of visits that our insurance will cover until January.  Hopefully we'll come up with a good plan so we can start the new year off with a good routine. 

Riley's last day at the Guild School was last Wednesday.  Riley has been going there at least once a week since he was 10 weeks old and it was VERY hard to say good bye.  Riley had fun delivering gifts to his teachers and therapists but wasn't so sure why they were keeping them.   He has the gift unwrapping figured out from his birthday but he wants to be the one getting the gifts and doesn't have giving them figured out quite yet.  His little friend Cole gave him a card and they shared big hugs.  It was super cute until Riley's hug got a little big and he pushed Cole to the ground. 


  1. This is Joyce. How adorable Riley is with his birthday crown. He also looks so ready for preschool. I remember how I so fretted over that transition so many years ago, especially when a huge school bus showed up to take Sarah her first day. I also remember how amazing it was for her and how she so blossomed. I hope Riley has a grand experience and it is the start to a few great new friendships.

  2. The Guild School looks and sounds amazing. I can understand why it would be hard to leave - especially after Riley has been going there for so long. I hope he had a great first day of preschool today and that the transition goes smoothly.

  3. Mike and I were talking last week about how hard it is going to be when Cayman graduates from the program when she turns three. Then she will start a new school and therapies where they come and pick her up on a bus. I can't even imagine. She will still feel like a baby at 3 years old.

    On a side note:
    Can you email me your mailing address? I have a Christmas card with your name on it. But if you don't want to, no problem. I understand. :)


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