Monday, November 30, 2009

Its a big bus!

So anyone that knows me understands that having Riley ride the school bus to preschool was a HUGE deal.  I've not been the most comfortable with the stigma of the short bus.  I'll admit I've made some innappropriate comments about the short bus over the years and have to giggle every time some one asks me about the bus that will be taking Ri to school. 

This morning Riley was all set for school.  He took his back pack to the baby sitter's, was all spiffed up with big boy shirt and jeans, and new shoes.  I was having some big anxiety about him riding the bus so I took off from work to meet the bus at the sitters house and follow him to school on his first day.  Well we waited and waited and the bus never came.  After calling we discovered that they mixed up the pick up and drop off addresses since he gets dropped at home after preschool and the bus was at our house while we waited at the sitter's.  So I drove him to preschool and arrived about 20 mins late.  Not a huge deal, but as I'm sure you can picture a preschool room with 12 kids and 5 adults is a pretty busy place to walk into.  Riley had no problems at all.  He ditched me at the door and was off to take his coat off and go play.  I on the other hand was a bit panic striken.  There were so many kids and they were so HUGE.  I'm pretty sure those kids looked as big as Rex. 

 I raced home to meet the bus and get some first day getting off the bus pictures since we didn't get any on the way to school this morning.  I have to admit I was surprised to see a big bus pull up in front of the house.   Riley made it home with no mix up's and immediatley asked to go nigh nigh. He had such a action packed day that he was ready for a nap. Apparently only a cat nap though since he's currently up playing with Rex.

All in all a pretty OK day.  I'm relieved to have him home and have the first day under our belt.  Certainly not what I pictured 3 years ago when I first had Riley.  Back then I couldn't even consider what the future would bring.  What an adventure these last few years have been. 

Riley's first day of preschool

Sayin cheese with Rex

Waiting for the bus

Still where the bus?

The big bus in front of the house

Riley in a rush to get off the big bus...  he was excited to see mom!


  1. Riley looks so cute on his first day of school! You are an awesome mom, Mary. I can't even imagine how this journey of yours has gone every step of the way. I can, though, understand the stigma of the short bus. Cody had to ride the short bus when he was placed in special ed preschool. I hated it but soon got use to it. He learned so much at his preschool and it all worked out in the end. Riley is awesome and i love seeing pictures of him. I don't know if I've seen a more photogenic kid in my life. xoxoxoxoxxo jen

  2. Oh he looks so cute!! That is a big bus!! I would be so nervous if it was Joel going to his first day on a bus. It sounds like he did great though!


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