Monday, November 23, 2009

Graduation/ Birthday Celebration!!!!!!!

We have had a lot to celebrate around here.  Riley is turning 3 on the 30th and that means he is graduating from the Guild School and transitioning to the public school preschool.  We had his IEP meeting last week and it went pretty well.  I like his teacher and that I think will make all the difference in the world.  I was a bit dissapointented in the amount of  services he will recieved but overall it will be a great experience.  We will be supplementing with private therapy.  Orginally I didn't think we were going to do private PT right away.  I was planning on his school PT along with something like soccer tots being enough for the next few months.  Well, we discovered that he would be recieved 15 mins of individual PT a week and 15 of group PT.   Obviously that won't cover it, so we'll be looking for a PT after the first of the year.  We'll also be adding something with other kids like soccer tots or Gymboree.  Has anyone found some fun ideas to get toddlers up and moving and around other kids with out it being in a formal PT situation?  School should be an adventure.  We decided to let Riley ride the bus to school.  He will be picked up at the sitter's and head to afternoon preschool Monday through Thursday.  They encouraged to do afternoon preschool because of the group of kiddos he will be joining.  The afternoon group  will be all  4 yr olds prepping to go to kindergarten next fall and are more advanced than the morning crowd.

Riley had his big graduation/ birthday party this weekend. All of our friends came to help us celebrate.  My mom and dad bought Riley a table top piano.  It is adorable and a huge hit. Riley was a little overwhelmed when everyone started arriving but he eventually caught on to the idea of gifts in those pretty bags.  He was totally excited to rip in to the wrapping paper. 

My new trucks!!

OOOH Gramma what did you get me?

Gramma I love the piano.  Good think Ella, Elizabeth and I can all play it at the same time.  Oh the sounds of music in the air. 
WOW Everyone is singing to me!
And we are done.........such a fun party.


  1. Yeah!! Happy birthday and graduation!! School will be way better than you think!!

  2. It was a grand party. Gotta love 3 kids playing the piano at the same time. gramma

  3. Happy Birthday and Graduation Riley!! It looks like he had a great party!

    Joel is in Gymboree right now and loves it! I put him in a class one level lower than where he supposed to be (according to his age). It has worked out great. Once he can walk I will bump him up a level.


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