Monday, January 26, 2009


I forget the fancy word for this but you know how we are all supposed to have a twin out there somewhere. Well I found Riley's. A while back I posted about National Delurking Day and had a few people comment that I would have never ever ever know read my blog. I love to know where everyone is from and that at least a couple people check back and I haven't bored everyone freaked them out with my crazy un-PC humour. Anyway check out the Beans Blog and you too can see Riley's twin.


  1. Hate to show my ignorance but how do I get to The Beans link? gramma

  2. Don't feel bad, I can't find it either....

    I heard all about it yesterday though. I'm guessing this little guy is just as handsome as Riley because, I mean come on who can get better looking then Riley....


  3. doppelganger

    –noun a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person

  4. Ha ha! I agree that The Bean and Riley look sooo much alike. Only difference is Riley is a about a year and a bit old so I can kind a get an Idea of what the Lil Baby Beany will look like as he gets old!

    Thanks for Linking to my boy!

  5. Hey Mary!

    I just caught up with some of your latest posts. What fun boys you have! Riley is so cute - I love the jumping :). He'll be doing slam junks on the basketball goal before you know it!

  6. That should have said slam Dunks! I don't know what a slam junk is :)


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