Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The silver lining

Is it possible that we are still on Christmas vacation. Rex's school is closed yet again tomorrow. They were closed on Monday to give the snow plow crew enough time to ensure the school had enough access and were safe for the kids to return. Tuesday the entire city returns to school. Today we were closed again because of ICE. The snow has turned to rain and we have amazing melting but what it leaves is a puddle over a sheet of ice. Evidently that makes it to unsafe for kids to walk to school so the schools closed today and have announced that they will be closed again tomorrow.

So what is the silver lining you ask. My husband is off of work this week as well. The company he works for took a three week shut down over the holiday and he is not due to return to work until next Monday. While I have been a bit stressed over how were are going to balance our checkbook with an a partial unemployment check for Justin instead of a paycheck I am very glad that it isn't me that has to spend the third week couped up in the house with the boys. It has gone from too cold, too much snow and not too wet and slushy to do much of anything outside. The boys are going stir crazy and therefore drive us crazy as well. Today's activities include movies, napping and a quick trip to the dentist for the boys. When I arrived at home they were busy shooting the Nerf guns my mom gave all of us for Christmas. Justin came up with the great idea to tie dental floss to Rex's loose tooth and attach the other end to one of the Nerf bullets and shoot the tooth out. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

The one bummer is that when the main school district is closed it means that Riley's school is closed as well. This will be the 4th week that he has missed between the snow and scheduled holiday closure.


  1. All 3 boys look like they are full of energy!! The loose tooth story is funny!!

  2. Awww man...I'd being going crazy too. It will all work out. :) I love the nerf gun tooth story...I'm going to have to tell my son Gabe that one! He'll love it!

  3. It's frustrating, isn't it? Argh. I feel like my Little Man missed most of December at school because of something else that's completely out of a mother's control: sickness. Blah. Here's hoping the rest of the winter isn't as weather-y or sickness-y!

  4. I just want to know if it worked?

  5. Yes - you left out the most important part! Did the Nerf gun/dental floss get the tooth out? : ) I hear ya on the stir crazy part. I have wanted to get out of the house for more than an hour or two at a time, but I haven't really wanted to drive Danny around in this weather and Derek is "working". I'm so glad it is melting and all this snow is going away!


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