Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Snowday

YIKES! All the schools in the area are closed and we have officially extended our vacation with yet another now day. In approximately the last 3 weeks the Spokane area has had over 63 inches of snow fall. Let me tell you that after about the first 12 winter wonderland was not a fitting description. The snow berms are officially taller than every vehicle on the road. The local news is reporting that snow plows can't even make it down some streets any longer because between the snow berms and any vehicles on the road there is no room for a plow to go. Not that there is anywhere left to push the snow because the sidewalks and yards are full. It is sad when we are all so excited to see a plow go by but then comes the dreaded re shoveling of the driveway (well at least for Justin) because that plow just pushed another foot of snow in the nice clear space that used to be your driveway. Even Walmart had to close for a couple of days because the roof is under such pressure from the heavy heavy snow. Kids can't build snowmen in the yard because they can't get through the snow that is now more than waist high for Rex.

Rex was bummed to hear that school was closed again. He is way past bored of his parents and trust me we are ready for him to head back to school as well. Since we are anticipating another 5-12 inches of new white stuff overnight the county sheriff has "strongly recommended" along withe the Mayor that all schools are closed. They say it is for the safety of the children since there are no sidewalks and kids would have to walk in middle of the road and because the berms are taller than most kids crossing the streets would be unsafe. All of this makes sense to me but they can't cancel school until the snow melts. How many more snow days will we have???

I'll have to take some more pictures tomorrow just to document this lovely snow land I live in. I'll post them just as soon as we unearth that wonderful little cord that connects my camera to the puter :-)


  1. That is crazy! Our snow is all melted and we're hoping for more!! Send some our way, ok? :)

  2. This is just CRAZY!!! Do you have to use vacation days for this nonsense or is there some act of God pay out there?



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