Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baths, jumping and missing teeth

What do those three things have in common you ask. Well I was able to capture them on video this evening between the two boys. We have been pretty busy around here lately. Rex lost his first two teeth. He actually pulled both his bottom front teeth on Monday. The teeth have been VERY loose for a while and even with an offer of cash from Kacey and Chris this weekend he was unwilling to pull them. I guess he realized when one of them turned around backward on its own that possibly it was time to give it that last tug. Well then about an hour later he gave the second one a tug so he could surprise his dad with two teeth when he returned home from work. Good thing they finally came out since the permanent teeth are both already on the way in.

Riley has been a busy too. He has been learning new words and signs. Though he doesn't like to share his progress with his speech therapist. I haven't head it yet but he said "I did it" and threw his hands in the air after he completed a task at school today. He has also been saying bath and down while signing them. It is all about context with Riley. Those two words sound very similar but have different signs with them and a slightly different wiggle to the tongue. Christina, aka Mary Poppins, keeps us well informed of Riley's accomplishments and I think is as excited as we are when he learns new skills. It is always fun to hear what he says or does for Christina and see if we can get him to repeat them for us.

Riley has also been "jumping". Well he has the motions now we have to catch air. The video doesn't do this activity justice but you get the basic idea. I had to include some video of the boys to keep Rebecca happy. Evidently I haven't been posting enough for her.


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing. Gabe just lost those two teeth too!! We have 3 more loose ones...he's going to look hilarious! Glad you're back! :)

  2. Thank you! I was going through withdrawls.

  3. I love the way he just walks off. He does love his tubby. did you ever get him to say"I did it"? Rex's teeth are lovely. Are the uppers loosening up yet? Gramma

  4. YAY Rex, guess I won't have to pull those teeth on Saturday : )

    Riley is SO stinkin cute, pictures and even video don't even begin to capture his cuteness!!!

  5. That's awesome! I am always a big, excited fan when the teeth start coming out. Tell Rex big congratulations from MT!

    I love Riley's jumping! Abby just finally started rockin' her hop last week. I was beginning to think it was NEVER going to happen. I remember when Tommy learned to "hop on 1 foot," he pulled up 1 pant leg & then hopped with both feet. It was hilarious!

    Hope you have a great weekend!



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