Friday, October 3, 2014

Recharge with Laughter

We have not forgotten how to laugh and find joy in our world around the Kibbe house.  It might take a little more work to find it or more effort to look for the joy but its always there.  Today even in the craziness I found laughter and love all over the place.  I have great friends to help me find it.  All your love and support is greatly appreciated.

On the car ride to school Riley started singing to Maddy.  All of me loves all of You...  Love your curves and all your edges...   So of course we pulled puled up the song on YouTube and listened to John Legend sing it beautifully.   This is one song that Riley would tell you is our song.  We both love to sing it loudly in the car and thankfully Riley doesn't judge when I am off tune.    You should listen if you don't know it.  John Legend - All Of Me (Official Video) [with lyrics] Legendado

We made a quick trip to see Riley's buddy Ella.  He was welcomed with the biggest hug from his best friend. Just what everyone needs after a rough week.  I didn't capture a picture but you can all imagine it I'm sure.  Those two just make me happy every time they are together.  Even when they are fighting and grumpy with each other their friendship is just so honest.  Neither of them have the ability to hide or fake their emotions so you know what ever they are feeling in the moment they are sharing in a very honest way.  Its inspiring when you really think about it.

Everyone can use a hand from a friend!

The best part of my day was listening to my boys laugh and play in the back yard.  They truly have so much fun together.  Nothing like listening to your kids laughing to recharge your soul.

Oakley 17 weeks

Roxy is the most patient cat I've ever known. 

Ah come on foxy Roxy I just wanna play....

I felt so much better when they did this and the safety net was up...

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  1. Great pictures and great words. Family and friends, what more do we need? Life brings us easy and hard times...we get through them. Remember a year ago? Worrying about our employment. ...we both are in better places today! Friends and family always there to keep you smiling through the good and bad. Peace


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