Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I am happy to report that Riley seems to be making progress at school.  His classroom teacher even called yesterday with positive things to say about him.  He has been joining his classmates more and more often and at times he even does it with out being asked.

Homework books even came home tonight for   I still can't believe that I had to beg for homework.  Seriously....why didn't I just let that one go.  No directions or expectations came home so I figure still have a few days of peace before we jump into that routine.

Transitions between activities are still his most challenging times.  Its hard to move from from activity to another even with you like to do the activity you are supposed to be moving to.  Sometimes it is simply hard to be Riley.  Its hard to not really know what is coming next and it is a stressful way to spend your day.  He tells us its stressful every time he digs in and refuses to come out from under the table.  In the email that came from his resource teacher today she commented that Justin and I must have a very dry sense of humor from some of the comments she hears him make.  I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what comes out of his mouth at school.

With Rex we measure success with his ability to tell us that things make him happy.  We measure with grades and reports from teachers and other adults at school that run into him during the day.  With Riley we measure with starts on a chart and notations about his antics at school that day.  When he crawled in the van yesterday and I asked him how school was and he reports "good mom"  "I didn't go under table AT ALL!"  I'm taking it at face value and putting it in the success column.

Won't be long and our evenings will look like this again so we are headed outside to play...quick while we still can.

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