Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Great Gramma Elsie

Justin's Gramma turns 96 today.  Pretty darn spectacular if you as me.  Here are some of our favorite memories with Great Gramma when we were lucky enough to visit.  When we visited Florida a few years ago Rex was lucky enough to have his teacher Miss Nelson assign homework.  He had to interview Gramma.  She told some great stories about dating Grampa Rip, traveling all over the country in the air stream, and best of all she told Rex he just shouldn't have homework when he was one vacation!

Come on Gramma let's go for a Ride!

OK Gramma I have the key lets make a break for it!

Great Gramma Elsie, Riley and Great Great Aunt Virgina

June 2010

Great Great Aunt Virgina, Grampa Tom, Rex, Justin Gramma Debbie, Riley Great Gramma Elsie

Great Gramma and her boys  May 2012

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