Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Mumbers

I'm bringing Monday Mumbers back.  Good Enough Mama start this funny tradition a while back but since she's a bigger blog slacker than I am she's just going to miss out. 

1 really big one is the amount of REALLY bad news my friend and coworker Lora recieved today.  Her dad has advanced pancreatic cancer. 

1298379872130917 is the number of prayers that Lora and her family needs to help them through this horribley difficult time. 

5 is the age of Lora's son David when he went to live with Jesus after losing a horrible battle with brain cancer. 

2 of the favorite men in her life is too many to have to suffer from this horrible disease

17 is the age of Lora's daughter that will have lost one brother and now have  deal with her grampa that having cancer as well......

3 zillion times I have thought about Lora and her family today and have felt sick. No family should have to lose this much to cancer.  I hate that even though we go to work every single day for an organziation that is dedicated eradicating this horrible disease we are still losing our friends and family all to often.  Lora often tells a very powerful story of why she came to work for the American Cancer Society and while I don't do it justice I am thankful I am typing and not talking.  While her son David was fighting for his life during his battle with a terrible brain tumor Lora promised that she would spend the rest of her life fighting so that other families wouldn't have to lose their babies to cancer.  She goes to work every day and truly does keep this mission the focus of all she does. 

If you or a loved one is battling this terrible disease you will find information and resources at

If you would like to pledge to work towards making a world with more birthdays you can follow the link below.  Every cancer that is avoided by making healthy choices and every battle that is fought and won really does lead to more birthday! 


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  1. How awful. Cancer is awful. My father-in-law passed away from colon cancer last year - just after Christmas. I am so thankful that there are people like you working to provide hope for the future - a future where cancer cannot take any more of our loved ones away from us.


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