Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hurricane Riley's Adventures

We don't have any pets of our own and Riley loves cats and dogs.  He especially loves my mom's dog Toni's bed.  Apparently it is just the perfect size to cuddle up in and play.  Generally when we are out at mom and dads and it gets too quiet we can find Riley sitting in Toni's bed and on really special occasions he is playing in Toni's water or eating his food.  YUCK!!!  Anyway on Christmas Riley went so far as to drag the bed out in the living room get it up on his new trampoline and cuddle in with his see n say.  Apparently dad was bugging him by taking his pictures. 


But look how fun it is. 

OK Dad enough with the pictures.  Leave me alone!


  1. He is so cute!!!!

  2. He looks so comfy. It seems like a perfect fit. In fact, for a boy nicknamed hurricane, he looks awfully peaceful!

    I wish you and the whole family a healthy and happy 2010!

  3. happy saturday from a SITS girl~


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