Friday, December 19, 2008

The wonders of the internet...

Sometimes I have to just sit in awe of the Internet. This last week in my Christmas card from my cousin Debbie which included her blog address. From there I link to her sisters. Seriously these are my actual first cousins (not one of the 100's of others that live close) that are closest to my age (my parents both have huge families and are the youngest of 7 and the 4th of 5 so my cousins are closer to my parents age than mine) and we have been terrible at keeping in touch. We have never lived close but when I was young their dad, my uncle Nick, worked all over the place. When they lived in Hong Kong they always had these long summer trips home and usually stayed a few weeks at the lake with us. The last time I actually remember seeing them was at my wedding and that was over 10 years ago. How sad is that. Thanks to the Internet I can now keep track of the rest of my family and all their kids, and don't have to wait to have it filtered through both sets of our parents.

The other fun thing I learned via the Internet tonight is that my friend Leyna has her beautiful baby Danny home. I don't have a full update but all must be good since they are all home from the hospital.

Tomorrow I promise more pictures of the kids. The snow is fun for Rex but Riley didn't enjoy it. I'm going to try again tomorrow for some pictures of him actually smiling....or at least not crying.


  1. I know...I think of how many people I would have stayed in better touch with had the internet been as prominent back then!!

    This is the first year Olivia actually loves playing in the snow. Hang in there!!

  2. Hey Mary,
    I agree, it is very cool to be able to get back in touch! Those long summer vacations on your farm and at Newman Lake were fun. Do any of your siblings or our other cousins have blogs that you know of?


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