Thursday, December 4, 2008

And the car saga continues.......

Well the Thanksgiving Day snow tire mounting fun just keeps on giving. So I'm still driving around on 3 studded tires and my spare.......maybe just maybe Justin will change it this weekend? Possibly? (I'm going to start calling you names again if you don't) Anyway the little car that Justin drives also got snow tires put on on Thanksgiving. My dad had tires with slightly large wheels that fit the bolt pattern of the little Nissan so they put them on. Who knows that in the world happened but the same day the car starts making the most hideous noise I've ever heard brakes make. Imagine pouring a glass full of bolts down the garbage disposal and then you might as well break the glass into and that is what it sounded like. Well off to the mechanics I went on Tuesday morning, I drew the short straw, and my office is closer to the mechanics. So first we fix the brakes. New pads, rotors and calipers all to the tune of $340 bucks so when they go to put the wheels back on they can't tighten the bolts enough and we actually are going to have wheels spinning off eventually. Can you just picture me driving down the freeway and having my wheels come off. So back on go the old tires. Since we are still in the need of snow tires we decide to purchase the used tires that the mechanic just happens to have in the back. Well I guess $150 is better than close to $300 for brand new ones. So that is how I spend Wednesday at the mechanics. Well today, Thursday, Christina appears at my door with a note that was stuck on the door. It was addressed: Dear owner of the white minivan. Well folks that happens to be me. Evidently a high school student was visiting the neighbor across the street and somehow managed to hit my PARKED car and break (there is actually a whole in it) the rear bumper and taillight and also dent the rear quarter panel a little. Seriously, how exactly do you do that to a parked car. Oh well at least he left a note. Well after calling his dad I took the car in for a quick quote. I had to call his man, yes a total stranger, and tell him that it is going to cost $1800 bucks to fix this little boo boo. Not to mention he has to fix his own car because his son left chunks of plastics in the road. I'd love to see the damage on that car. At least I don't have to pay for this one but still they estimate it will take 4 days to fix - how does one get to work for 4 days without a car to drive?


  1. Maybe the young man needs to pay for a rental car as well. Possible his insurance would.

  2. That's a bummer...I hate car stuff...

  3. You have had an exciting last couple of days! I would talk to the other driver's insurance company - they owe you a rental!


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