Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A note from Justin

So this morning I received the following email from my darling husband. He finally read my blog from a few days ago and here is what he had to say. Here is what he had in response to me mentioning that he had "given me permission" to go out for girls night.

WHAT THE HELL.......I'm not that bad.

I didn't have to GRANT you permission to go out. I actually enjoy hanging out with the kids and Chris and didn't have a problem with you going out once and a while. You just THINK I have a problem with it.

Just for the record!!

It made me giggle a little... I got a little more of a rant and rave on the phone and he swears he will post a comment but when I offered him free access to post his own message he turned me down. HMM I think I might pester him to share what goes on it that brain of his.

Justin case you don't remember what my handsome hubby looks like when he isn't giving me crap here is a picture of him helping Riley open gifts at his 2nd birthday.

Stay tuned for more in the poo poo episodes of Mary and Justin.


  1. That's hilarious...my hubby says that to me too! "I don't give you permission, you just think I do!" Funny....

    I love Janet Evanovich books too! I love easy reads...I'm with you...I've often thought of joining a book club, but I want to read fun books and talk about those...not the classics---yawn!

  2. HA HA HA. Justin, what are you some kind of tyranical a-hole? JUST KIDDING : ) Love the pic of Daddy and Riley!!

  3. That is funny-I was wondering if Justin ever reads your blogs cause I thought he would have something to say about that one! :-) I am glad Rileys birthday was a success!I love the pic of Riley trying to play Wii.


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