Sunday, July 17, 2011

Polly Anna??!!!

I thought it had gone fairly unnoticed that I hadn't posted in over 3 months, but this weekend I heard from a handful of people that I was missed.  Imagine that!  I've been thinking about this space over the last few weeks and wondering what I should do with it. Should I pick it up or just let a good thing end???  My absence started innocently enough.  Life was so crazy busy this spring I couldn't squeeze out an extra minute anywhere.  Then I just kept trucking and here we are 3 months later. 

I think my friend Rebecca's summed it up the best when she said "you haven't been blogging...  I'm proud of you.  You used to post for a stress relief and to be able to work through things.  You must be doing great if you haven't missed it".  I haven't needed it for stress.  LOVE IT! 

While I don't need it for stress relief in the same way I used to I still need this space.  I do still have things I want to share.  For the most part its family that reads so it still provides me with a nice place to keep you updated on the boys.  In addition to sharing updates on the boys I have plans for this blog and for me.  I have been in a really good space lately.  I've been enjoying my world.  My boys are amazing but really I've just felt better both mentally and physically, and I have really really true friends.  I plan to use this space to keep reminding myself of all the wonderful things in my life. 

I got into a really negative place and could quickly find the negative in almost anything.  I don't want to be that person.  I don't want to be the person my facebook friends hide because they can't stand one more complaint or whine,  or the person that no one wants to hang out with because its such a bummer of an experience.  I read a blog for the better part of a year where a women wrote each and every day and her simple goal was to find the good in her day. It was completely inspiring.  She didn't drip with sugar but she found little piece of good in each day. Even when our days are the pits there is something small that should make us smile.  I want to find that little piece of each and every day.  Don't get me wrong I will never be Polly Anna, but I can find the simple blessings in each and every day.  I can find something to laugh out or the rainbow in my world.

Wouldn't you smile every single day if you lived with these two?
 I promise I'll be back soon.  I have some things to catch you all up on.  If you are still out there and want to come along for the journey leave me a comment.  You know I'll perform for comments :-)

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  1. She's ba-ack!

    Okay, well, dance monkey, dance! I do love a good comment-performer. ( :

    Love, love, love the picture! What great smiles!


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