Friday, August 27, 2010

Rewind Summer 2010 - swim lessons

The boys took swim lessons.  Rex has before but we skipped last summer and they weren't exactly on our radar for this summer.  He really needs to learn to swim better and I'm not sure why I think this will magically happen but apparently I do because I hadn't even thought of lessons until Kacey called to see if Rex would like to take them with Hunter.  Well the day we stood in line to register the big boys we decided to give it a whirl and sign the little kids up too.  So Rex and Hunter were in the same class and so were Riley and Ella. 

Here they are on the first day of Pee Wee class waiting to meet their teacher and get in the water. Their lifeguard was a great sport.  He didn't even bat an eye lash on the first night when he discovered he had two Lil guys with Ds in class.  I may not have mentioned it when I registered the Ri man.   They kids did great.  I was super impressed!  By the second week they would hold on to the side (they aren't tall enough to touch in the shallow end)  and they would do their bobs by straightening their arms and going under water.  Often Riley's eyes and mouth was open but even that improved as the lessons went on.  Riley will be repeating the Pee Wee class because he hates being on his back.  As soon as he conquers that he will be on to the Super Pee Wees! 

The first night I was afraid to ask the lifeguard if Riley left marks he was grabbing on so tight when they did the back float.  I think that's truly white knuckling it!

Apparently I didn't take much for photos of Rex.  You can see him on the end in the orange.  He really was there too.  I won't name names but someone whose children were in class with mine and that has the fancy camera left for vacation with out leaving all the good photos so you are stuck with mine. 


  1. I'm so glad that Riley did so well in his swimming lesson! I have been thinking about putting Joel in swimming lessons but wasn't sure how he would do. I think I will try it next summer - hopefully he likes it as much as Riley!

  2. Awesome job boys!! And you are funny with that last line about the camera!!

  3. Swimming lessons are one thing no child should go without. Good for you...My friends mother never took her, and she still won't swim, she is too afraid!

    Will check back soon...


  4. Good for you, I have to do this for my kiddos soon too!


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