Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Bird and MELMO

Riley has finally found a video that he likes besides Signing Times.  Don't get me wrong I love Signing Times  and am totally amazes at Riley's signing vocabulary but it is a nice break to have a new video he likes.  He loves MELMO aka Elmo and Big Bird and the crew.  We happen to have the video below from when Rex was little and Riley is trying to sing with it.  He is such a mimic. 

I haven't posted in a while so for those of you keeping tabs we have decided to keep Riley at the same school for next year.  We love his current teacher and all of the pros outweighed having typical kids in class.  Riley is around other kids quite a bit and he idolizes Rex so I think all in all it will balance out pretty well.  My goal is to have him ready for kindergarten in a typical class if he is ready and verbal enough to be successful and I think this decision will help him be as ready as possible.


  1. Does 81 allow kids to go in a typical class with an aide? CV does not, which totally sucks. I know Ella could do it IF she had an aide, but there is no way without one, ugh.

  2. Serioulsy they don't allow it? Do they actually have a choice? To me that would be best case... might have to investigate that before I totally give up on 81 and sell the house :-) All Saints is looking better and better. At least the really would try to do what is best.

  3. A new video is always a good thing!!! And we love Melmo...I do a spot-on impersonation! ;)


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