Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back in the groove.......

Well I guess a two month vacation is long enough from blogging. As I was reading some of the blogs I like to keep track of it hit me that it was time to start again. Not sure really why I took the summer off. Maybe the icky comments were a start but that shouldn't have stopped me for so long. Anyway I'm back!

It has been such a good summer and life is good. For anyone who knows me or read my blog knows that I have had a lot of issues with depressions and hormones over the last year. Last winter was very long and not so fun. This spring Kacey practically forced me to play softball. I think it was the fact that I was nearly crippled after each and every game that finally sent me to the massage therapist. I have found the most incredibly wonderful therapist, Amber. While she a licensed massage therapist I think she doubles as shrink and possibly triples as a psychic. She is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. So my body is feeling better and I'm on the right track. One of the best things she has done is recommend that I talk to her friend that sell Gochi Juice. I started drinking a product called Tai Slim to help with weight loss and overall health and I have lost 18 pounds in about two weeks. I drink it with breakfast and lunch and then eat healthy. It has helped with my energy, sleep patterns, cravings, and overall food consumption. I haven't had a Pepsi in since I started drinking it and for me that is HUGE!!! I've only stopped for coffee a couple of times and mostly for the colon cleansing benefit that gives me :-) I know TMI. Anyway to say I'm excited is putting it mildly. It is a bit like someone has taken the paper sack off my head and I get to see and enjoy life again. I have been able to stop taking all of my Rx's except the birth control pills to keep my hormones in check. I LOVE it!!!

So the best part of feeling better is being able to enjoy the kids more. We had a really fun trip to Seattle over Labor Day. We were able to see Justin's brother and wife and their two adorable kids and I was able to visit some friends that I hadn't seen in years. My friend Kristi works for this chic salon in downtown Seattle and was able to get me in for a cut and color. It was fabulous!!! Nothing too fancy but a great cut and I love the hint of color.

School has started and Rex is a big 1st grader. Somehow this was harder for me than kindergarten. He is just getting so grown up on me. He has homework every night. Just one sheet usually but it is quite a routine. Between homework, dinner and reading our book its hard to squeeze much else in. We manage soccer one night a week. I can't even imagine what life will be like when Riley starts in sports and other activities.

Riley is doing great. He has 3 months left at the Guild School before he has to move to the public school. He has his evaluations for public school at the end of October so we will know more about his placement and schedule then. He has been singing along with things and adding more and more words to his vocab. He amazes me daily!! Well enough babbling. Come back soon for pictures. I have a ton to share!


  1. Love that all is going well Mary!!! :-) ~kristen b.

  2. Yay!!!! You're back! I've been anxiously awaiting new posts!!!

  3. Missed your blogs!! I'm glad that things are going so well for you. Will Riley be going to the same school as Ella? I know you said that they moved; thought maybe it would be close to you guys and then he would already have a little friend there. I'm sure he'll make plenty even if they aren't in the same school though. How did you like softball? Are you doing it next summer?

  4. Yeah!!!! You're back and feeling great! I'm so happy to hear all this! Congrats. :)


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