Friday, February 27, 2009

Where did my baby go?????

I have been a very bad blogger lately. So much has happened and time has slipped by. Last weekend Riley and I took a road trip to Billings, MT to take my niece and her friend to visit the college that Justin and I attended. While we were there Riley and I stayed with some our wonderful friends Brian and Christine and their 4 kids. Christine and I had a great visit and Riley had so much fun having all those kids to play with.

Brian's little sister Lyndsey is a cosmetologist and since Riley was in need of his first haircut we thought it would be fun to have her cut Riley's hair. When I think back to when I first met Lyndsey she was about 10 or so and Brian and Christine were getting married. Now she is an adult with a career and I feel old when I think about it. Not only has Lyndsey become a grown up she has become a wonderful one. She is truly a beautiful person inside and out. I can't quite describe it but she just oozes fun and love. She not only found what she wanted to do for a living but she is wonderful at it. I just wish I lived closer so she could fix my do. She did a great job with Riley. I wasn't quite sure what she would be able to do with his strange baby fine hair that grew in funny lengths. Two bags of fruit snacks and a lollipop did the trick and Riley sat semi still and ta da - my baby is gone and I have a toddler.

Fun with Friends!


  1. WOW IS HER EVER HANDSOME!! He reminds me so much of my Bean!!

    awwwww~! I wanna bite his cheeks!

  2. OMG you can see his uvula in his one picture with his lollypop there!! ha ha ha !! open wide!!

  3. I kind of forget what all the Amestoy kiddos look like from the outside looking in...Riley just fits right in there. Ya shoulda let him stay for awhile ( =
    Lynds did a rather impressive job on the Ri-guy, which speaks volumes for both of them actually. So wish we could've seen you two before you left...Ah well, I'll just admire from afar for now. (That & tell Christine when she needs to check out your blog) What can I say, she's hopeless.

  4. He is so cute!! The first haircut makes them look so much older. I love his hamming in the pictures.

  5. He's so handsome, must be related to me. Gramma

  6. Ohmigosh, that's awesome! He's gorgeous! :)


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