Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another week at the Kibbe house........

Well we survived yet another week. It didn't go exactly as planned but when does it. Riley ended up sick and what we thought was a simple cold turned into RSV. That was a new germ for our house. After he was feeling a bit better I caught a few pictures while he was enjoying his favorite... a peanut butter sandwich. Usually he just inhales it but today he just played with it.

My niece Cheyenne stayed with us on Friday. She was trying to get some homework done and Rex climbed up next to her to work on his coloring. It was very cute to watch. Both the boys love their cousin Chey Chey.


  1. OH RSV!! Matthew had that when he was 3 months old and it was awful. I hope he's feeling better soon.

  2. I sure have studious grandchildren. What a neat picture. Riley still looks a bit under the weather. gramma

  3. Riley still has such a precious bright smile even when he's not feeling completely better. What a sweet guy he is!!

    I just adore the pictures of Cheyenne and Rex next to each other on the couch. Rex looks so serious about his coloring.

  4. Do you get RSV shots once a month to protect him against getting RSV?

    Here in Calgary I take the Bean to get a once monthly RSV shot to boost his immune system to prevent him from getting anything serious. Infact D took him to the Albert Children's today at 3:30 for his appointment. Do they offer anything like that where you live?

  5. Zoinks! I have Tagged you in a post on my blog!! here is the link to check it out

    Riley is SOOOOO Gorgeous btw!!! WOOT! <3


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