Thursday, January 17, 2013

Traveling Party

I'm super behind posting but something just can't go without being said even if said late.  Riley's birthday weekend didn't go exactly as planned way back in November.  Riley brought his treats to school, we had a fun family dinner on Friday and were resting up preparing for his big party at the children's museum on Sunday.  Saturday night arrived and so did the stomach flu.  Sunday morning I had to make some very sad phone calls to cancel Riley's birthday party.  6 year olds get really excited about a party and Riley was not the only one very disappointed about the party no happening.  When your birthday falls on the 30th of November it is incredibly difficult to reschedule a party.  Between school concerts, holiday parties, and Jesus's birthday December books up pretty quick. 

One calm Saturday morning in early December I received a text message from my friend Amy asking if it would be OK if her family stopped by.  Well those of you that know me well understand the panic of unplanned company.  We exchanged texts and she promised to give me time to shower and pick up the house. By Saturday the house typically looks like a bomb has gone off and I don't have that gene that compulsively makes me unable to sleep with dirty dishes in my kitchen.  So we ran around like crazy because something told me she was up to something I just didn't know what... and I so would have never guessed. 

Fast forward a couple hours and our door bell rings and these two amazing ladies and their families arrive with a traveling birthday party for Riley.  We are talking cupcakes complete with candles, gifts, party noisemakers and friends! It was one of the most thoughtful things I've ever experienced.  I love that I have friends that love my kids. 

Jenny and Amy~ the instigator

Birthday wishes

Birthday Gifts!

 Its amazing to have 6 kids and parents arrive and fill your home with a party because they love your boy!   Riley loves all of these kids and was so excited to have them at his house.  His party didn't go as planned but turned out wonderful!

The whole crew!

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  1. I'm so glad you and Justin have such good friends. They make our lives so much brighter!
    Gramma Debbie


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