Monday, May 21, 2012


Riley had a great year with soccer.  He had the same buddy this year and he loves Kasey.  This year the Eastern Washington University women's team hosted a tournament for the kids.  They have been involved in the program since it started and the girls volunteer to be buddies in each spring but this year was the first tournament.  They put so much work into it and really went all out for the kids.  The fields were lined and goals were up.  The coaches and players were all there to support these kiddos.  Even Swoop the mascot came out to support the kids. 

Riley was so excited to have his own game.  You watch MY GAME.  REX WATCH RILEY'S GAME!!!  That is what we heard all morning.  Riley has been to his share of Rex's games and now it was his turn.  He burned up most of his energy during warm ups but he still had a blast.  The kids ran and ran and ran and kicked the ball and ran some more.  So much fun to watch all the kids having a blast.  Riley was pretty sure everyone was there solely for him as the girls lined up for him to sign his shirt.  The child certainly doesn't have a confidence issue.  He had a hard time saying goodbye to Kasey and kept going back for just one more hug. 

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  1. So stinkin cute!!! Riley really has had to watch a ton of games....glad he got to have HIS own : )


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