Friday, November 19, 2010

Time to raise the bar again!

This week both Rex and Riley's schools had parent teacher conferences.  Thankfully Riley had class even though the rest of the school had early release.  Rex's school had early release so he was able to hang out with Kristi the babysitter while Riley was at afternoon preschool.  He thought this was a great treat.  Thursday afternoon they had a hot date and after they dropped Riley off at school they headed down town to the Olive Garden to enjoy lunch and wonder around a bit.  Rex had a glorious day! 

Today I attended conferences with both Rex and Riley's teachers at All Saints.  We didn't have a conference at Riley's public school preschool since we just had his IEP meeting.  I started off with Rex's 2nd grade teacher Mrs Speiring.  Rex is doing really well at school.  His teacher was also a shy kiddo and so she really understands how important it is for us to encourage him to be brave and to make sure he continues to gain confidence.  She has spent these first few months of school getting to know the kids and she really pays attention. I love that his teacher understands how to push him so that he gains more and more confidence in himself and his ability to succeed at school.   She is especially impressed with Rex's maturity and patience.  I'm apparently a total sap but she made me all teary eyed as she was talking about his ability to be patient and considerate  all different types of kids.  I'm not exactly sure how Justin and I ended up with a child that is patient but I'll take it. 

Riley also received rave review from both of his preschool teachers.  They had a portfolio of his work to show me what he has been working on this fall.  I'm impressed!  I knew that he was making big progress lately with his numbers and letters but I didn't understand just how much.  They had two separate worksheets to evaluate where he was with number and letter recognition.  The numbers and letters were scattered over their individual  page in no order and Riley was asked to identify each number or letter. He was only able to identify the number 1, but he identified 8 letters plus 3 others that were a close mistake such a Y for V.  Apparently my expectations have been too low!  We talk about the letters in his name a lot but I didn't realize he was picking up so many other letters at school. Time for mom and dad to raise the bar again.  He has a little friend Howwi that he likes to play with and gives hugs to.  The kids love him and keep an eye out for him but don't baby him.  He loves school and guess what.....I love his school too! 

What a great day to get to spend time hearing about how wonderful your children are. 


  1. Aw! Yea for awesome conferences!!! That's so wonderful that Rex has a teacher who is so in tune with the kids in her class and has a real sense of their individualities. Such a blessing!
    Woo! Go Riley roo! That's just wonderful that he's doing so well with his letters - does he want to come shed some light for Abby? She doesn't really want to move past the letter A. ( :

  2. I love conferences. Glad it was good this year!


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