Monday, June 14, 2010

School's Out....and the party we call summer begins!

I sent the camera to school with Riley in hopes of having his teacher capture some pictures so we could make a school picture book for Riley.  I'd like him to remember his classroom and teachers during the summer in hopes of a smooth transition back to school in the fall.  I'll let the pictures tell the story of the last few days. 


Not really sure what he wants but you can tell he is working for something.

Seriously teacher whats with the camera I thought I was safe from that thing at school.

Riley loves story time!  Books Books Books

       But I don't want to share!  All mine!

Our favorite teacher Miss Michelle!  This women is amazing.  Riley has made so much progress during his time in preschool.  Its hard to wrap my brain around all he has learned since starting on Nov 30.  To bad Riley wouldn't look at me. 

Riley is so lucky to have adults in his classroom that love him and make him work.  Its such a great combination!  When I picked Riley up on the last day of school the teachers all had hugs for him.  We dropped a small gift off for the bus driver and the helper and they just went on and on about Riley.  It makes a mom feel so good that her baby has such loving people watching out for him when he is away from home. 
The boys on the last day of school June 2010

Rex worked hard making his pencil vase for his teacher's flowers that he picked out. 

He was very excited to give the flowers to Miss Vogel.  Thanks to a good tip from Traci we also gave her a copy of Miss Spitzers Garden.  If you haven't checked out this children's book you really should.  Its a perfect teacher gift. 

When we arrived in his buddy classroom to drop Rex off for all school Mass we discovered one of his best buddies Caden was the only other 1st grader waiting with Miss Vogel.  Rex was excited when they arrived over at church and discovered they would be able to sit by his other buddies Matthew, Jacob and John Paul.  These boys lined up to give Miss Vogel hugs before they left for summer vacation. that my son is so loved at school!

We hadn't had quite enough fun on the last day of school so we headed out to Davenport to the Relay for Life.  My mom chaired the event again this year and it was a huge success!  The boys had a blast.  Riley rand 6 laps all by himself plus all the running and playing on the playground equipment he did.  He was stopping for a juice break when I caught this picture.

Stopping for loves from Gramma.

As you can see we have been having a busy start to the summer.  Love it!


  1. That looks like the perfect last day!! That pencil vase is awesome!!

  2. What a great post! I loved all of the pictures of Riley at school. It sounds like he has some amazing teachers. Enjoy your summer break!!


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